AS-FlightBag 3.0


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  • PostFlightAnalysis 

AS-FlightBag 3.0

Electronic FlightBag

AS-FlightBag, The next Generation EFB, realises the complete migration from a conventional
library solution up to a comprehensive and seamless workflow solution for cockpit usage, resulting in a paperless cockpit.

Modular Structure

aircore_systems GmbH (AS) provides an EFB-Software solution called AS-FlightBag 3.0 
which contains the following core modules:


Library  airline specific document management between ground and cockpit
CrewBriefing  the eOFP and additional information deemed necessary
JourneyLog   the flight data handling to and from the cockpit
TechLog   electronic work order with eSignature and connectivity to several maintenance applications
LeastCostRouting   minimization of data transfer costs between back office and cockpit
PostFlightAnalysis   reporting of processes, efficiency and problems, controlling, statistic etc.


Several 3rd party applications like performancetools, NAV-applications like Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro, and 

Lido eRouteManual as well as Cost-Index Operations from PACE can be fully embedded.
The application runs on several Unix derivatives, as well as on MS-Windows and an iPAD version is also available.

Depending on the hardware platform AS-FlightBag II may run as a Class 1,  2,  2.5 (ARINC read only) and Class 3 version.


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