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Embedded Systems

The structure of the AS-FlightBag allows the embedding of vendor and airline specific applications, e.g. performance tools of aircraft manufacturers.





Aircraft Performance

The "ePOP" performance tool from Embraer is depicted in the figure to the right as an example for an embedded application.
All required performance data can be computed onboard after receiving the latest weather and load data which allows an optimized takeoff.





Moving Maps

Another example for the embedding of third party systems are moving maps.
Different charts with various resolutions can be prepared and selected as required during flight and ground movement.











Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro & Lido eRoute-Manual

Both figures show navigation chart viewers embedded into the AS-FlightBag frame.
The left figure displays the Lido eRoute-Manual, the right picture Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro.


PACE Cost Index Operations

A detailed description of the cost index operation tool from PACE can be found on the next two pages.

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