AS-FlightBag 3.0


  • Library


  • CrewBriefing


  • JourneyLog


  • TechLog


  • LeastCostRouting


  • PostFlightAnalysis 


The AS-JourneyLog is one of the core modules of the AS-FlightBag 3.0 and contains all necessary data to ensure compliance with the requirements of the aviation authorities.

The relevant parts of the JourneyLogFolder are made available via the Pilot- and Cabin-Container.


The AS-JourneyLog, as one major element of the AS-FlightBag,
offers all functions required  for the flight data handling:

-    Blocktimes, airtimes, delays
-    Crewmanagement, checkin and checkout times
-    Fuel data management
-    Emission Trading
-    CAT-II/III Monitoring
-    Pax and payload data
-    De-icing


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