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Cascaded Structure

To provide one FlightBag for different and changing kinds of operation,
ACMI  -wet/-dry,  AMI, Own Use, etc. the database contains a hierarchical cascaded data structure.
During fleet changes, all books and information are automatically revised,
because the system knows the relation between operators (resp. companies), AOCs, fleets and  A/C versions.
The documents themselves are assigned bottom up to the versions.
The pilots are also allocated to these aircraft versions.
This relation defines the set of documents which is applicable for the respective pilot.


The main part of the documentation of an airline is organised in books. Each book consists of separated documents. These documents define the lowest level of the documentary tree like leaves on a real tree.
The details of this structure are defined by the administrator of the airline, not by the system.
Every file format is supportable.This releases the airline from the necessity to convert documents originating from different postholders in the airline into one specific format by an editorial team,
with a corresponding cost saving.





Update Screen

The updating of documentation on the pilots' notebook is done through an easy to use update function.
At the beginning of the update the server looks up the pilots' profile and generates a list of the required documentation.
In the second step the documentation on the notebook is updated according to this list.
All new and outdated documents are then presented to the pilot for review.





Static Navigational Charts

AS-FlightBag offers the possibility of embedding third party chart viewers.
Should this option not be used, static navigational charts can still be maintained by the AS-FlightBag 3.0 library module.









Performance Tables

The same applies to performance tables: Where the option to embed a third party performance calculation tool is not used,
fixed printed performance tables can be used and managed with AS-FlightBag 3.0.













Back Office Application

The Dormas-Controller is used to manage documents and pilot data profiles from the back office.
A company wide actual and identical documentation with the same revision state is achieved.
All activity is logged ensuring, for example, that pilot updates can be verified and audited.

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