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Post Flight Analysis

All core modules of the AS-FlightBag, especially the JourneyLog and TechLog module, generate a large amount of data which is further processed.
This raw data is stored on the central server of the AS-FlightBag if desired. This builds up a long term database which can be used as a data warehouse for Post Flight Analysis.

Examples for the Post Flight Analysis are:

-  Emission Trading
-  Fuel Slip Verification
-  Aircraft Utilisation
-  Delay Code Ticker / Following
-  Payroll Accounting
-  Seat Load Factor Monitoring
-  Controlling
-  Statistics
-  etc.

The storage of incremental data for Post Flight Analysis has several advantages:
- If required an immediate evaluation can be         
  performed which takes individual and legal         
  requirements into account.
- The data collection allows queries at a later         
  point in time, which are not defined at the         
  moment of the data storage.  Examples are         
  new legal requirements in the future with the         
  need of reports based on historic data.
- The data warehousing allows online analytical         
  processing, data mining, statistics and the
  generation of key performance indicators.
The amendment of new database fields and parameters offers all necessary information at the time a new function is implemented but comparisons with historic data are often not possible on conventional systems.
This problem can be solved with the data warehouse as historic data becomes available and analyses can be made.

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